Can they be used on the UK’s roads?

Yes, all the Tuk Tuks we import are approved and certified for use on UK roads by the Driver and Vehicle Services Agency (usually called by the much snappier DVSA), which enables us to get the Tuk Tuks registered and licensed prior to sale.

Who can drive one?

If you have a full UK licence for driving a car, prior to 2013 you’re good to go – unless, of course, you’re banned from driving for any reason?

Are they easy to insure?

Yep. These vehicles are often best insured through specialists who know these vehicles and what they’re doing - you’re unlikely to find these guys on a comparison site.

If you’re a private user, call Bikesure on 0800 089 0199 and quote reference G945 and quote reference Tukshop.

And if you’re having trouble getting the cover you want, please feel free to call us for further assistance.

Are they pricey to tax?

In a word, no. Much depends on the model you choose but the road tax on those we sell currently ranges from £20 for the 2 stroke to £93 a year for the 4 stroke.

Are Tuk Tuks expensive to buy?

No. But then we would say that! So please see for yourself – check out our Buy section for the latest selection of models available and their prices. They’re great value, an inexpensive way to enjoy a cool, quirky form of transport, add a fun vehicle to your collection or start your own business.

Can I buy a used Tuk Tuk?

New Tuk Tuks are much better value with no MOT or any maintenance issues to worry about ! However some of our customers are on their third tuk tuk from us which means we occasionally take used models in part exchange.

Can we hire a Tuk Tuk for an event?

Yes, we’ve got a selection available for hire and ready to go. Just visit our Hire section and give us as much information as you can, including postcode and event details, so we can help you.

How many people can a Tuk Tuk carry?

Generally, our Bajaj-style Tuk Tuks seat three comfortably, with space for luggage.

What’s the top speed of a Tuk Tuk?

Top speed is about 40mph but it feels much faster due to the size and weight of the vehicle. No other vehicle is as much fun to ride at legal speeds except perhaps a motorbike!

Can I start my own Tuk Tuk taxi business?

Why not? We have helped many people set up hire operations all over the UK. Tuk Tuks are popular for everything from corporate events and weddings to parties and proms. In fact, we’re currently looking for additional wedding hire operators all over the UK. We can advise you on the best way to get started and even provide you with leads!

If you want to start a Tuk Tuk taxi business along the lines of a black cab you should first talk to your local authority about licensing.

I want to start a coffee (or another ‘street food’ style) business...

Ah, now you’re talking our language. We built our first coffee cart for start up Mozzo Coffee back in 2004. Based on a Bajaj van, the unique vehicle is still going strong for this growing company.

Not only that, we’ve converted and customised Tuk Tuks for all sorts of businesses - from pizza to prosecco sales - so whatever your idea discuss it with us first.

Can I import my own Tuk Tuk?

Good luck with that! What we mean is that importing a Tuk Tuk to the UK can be a complex, confusing and costly business if you don’t know what you’re doing.

There’s a ‘grey’ market for everything, including Tuk Tuks. But you don’t get the knowledge, experience, warranties, support, great value and peace of mind we can provide when you buy from us.

I already have a Tuk Tuk but it needs fixing…

We keep a selection of spare parts for Bajaj, Piaggio and Monika Motors tuk tuks not limited to wheels & tyres, engines, lights and electrical, cables and more...

Who or what is the Tukshop?

Tukshop is a trading name of Freewheeler Autos Ltd registered in England 4751768.

Registered office address 7 Saxholm Way Southampton SO16 7HB.

Where is the Tukshop Showroom?

You’ll find us at No 3 High St, Eastleigh, SO50 5LB. We are in a doddle to get to spot just five minutes off J13 of the M3 or five minutes from Southampton Airport Parkway station.

Who or what is the Tukshop?

Yes, we love to talk Tuk Tuks and show these cool, quirky vehicles off to folks but it’s best to make an appointment as we’re often delivering Tuk Tuks to customers or out on event work. Give Mr Steve a shout on 07973 261747.

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