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Mix some fun, impact, memorability and magic into your event – with the Bollywood experience built in.

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From India, Italy and Thailand to you, we have Europe’s largest selection of new and used Tuk Tuks and Auto Rickshaws for sale.

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The sky's the limit!

We turn dreams in to Tuk Tuks, and we’ve got the skills to convert yours into anything you can imagine. Well, alomost anything! Design, manufacture, fit out and finance - we can handle it all for you. So, what are you waiting for?

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The Evolution of Tukshop

It’s been a fantastic journey so far and here’s how we got here...

Here’s where it all began…

Mr Steve, our founder, on a sabbatical from a 10-year IT recruitment career with Computer People, goes to India to find himself. Instead, he finds the humble ‘Auto Rickshaw’ or ‘Tuk Tuk’.

Our first shipment of Indian Bajaj three wheel Tuk Tuks arrives at Southampton docks. Now how do we make these cute little beauties road legal?

Branded tuk tuks prove an instant hit with the hospitality industry.

Universal Pictures commission a fleet of Tuk Tuks to appear in the sci-fi blockbuster ‘Children Of Men.’

The UK’s largest local newspaper group commission a massive campaign for a TV, print and experiential marketing campaign. Mr Steve gets to drive a Tuk Tuk into an operating theatre, a hairdressers and a swimming pool.

Tukshop provide all the Tuk Tuk sounds for a little known Danny Boyle movie project entitled Slumdog Millionaire.

Top peoples store Harrods are quick to spot a new craze, here Mr Steve appears on News at Ten in the 'Tailor on a tuk tuk' story.

Two teachers set off on a round the world tour in one of our Tuk Tuks to promote education via ‘Tuk Tuk Travels.’ They drive over 40,000 kms giving TED talks along the way and meeting the then US President, Barrack Obama.

Increasing demand drives us to new premises in Eastleigh, just five minutes from Southampton Airport Parkway and train station and the M27 motorway.

Our 100th Tuk Tuk wedding, as Krishan and his bride get a lift all the way to their table.

Mr Steve receives an invite to Clarence House - 'VIP requires driving lesson'. Read full story

Mr Steve travels to Bajaj HQ in India to receive an export award - they didn’t expect us to sell so many Tuk Tuks in the UK & Europe!

Annual delivery of another 22 Bajaj Tuk Tuks

What THE tuk

Whether you’d like to buy, hire, convert, customise, service or just talk Tuk Tuks, get in touch with Tuk Tuk Master Mr Steve and the team

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